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Experience the essence of Turpitudes with our "Classic" collection – a timeless blend of enduring style and modern sophistication. From premium fabrics to versatile silhouettes, each piece is crafted for longevity, seamlessly fitting into your wardrobe. The neutral palette ensures timeless appeal, making these garments ideal for any occasion. Elevate your style with "Turpitudes" – where elegance meets timelessness.

Elegance. Timelessness. Turpitudes.



Step into contemporary chic with "Ukiyo" This collection offers vibrant and versatile wardrobe essentials designed for the modern lifestyle. From quality craftsmanship to effortless sophistication, each piece seamlessly combines style and art, ensuring you're fashionably ready for any moment.

Modern Elegance. Ukiyo Turpitudes.


- T u r p i t u d e s -

A new way to feel the world

Turpitudes is not just an online store; it's our story woven into every seam, every pattern, every fabric choice. It's a reflection of our disdain for the mundane and our love for innovative designs. Every piece you discover here is the result of a shared passion for fashion that transcends fleeting trends.

At Turpitudes, every click brings you closer to a unique experience. Stay stylish, stay true to yourself.

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